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Cash Flow Forecast

As a business owner, managing your cash flow can be really stressful.

Having a cash flow forecast can help alleviate your stress and help you with:

  • financing any shortfalls that might be identified
  • provide for potential tax payable
  • plan for big purchases
  • determining whether you can afford to take on more employees
  • figure out the best time to invoice your clients
  • figure out the best time to pay your suppliers
  • avoiding financial trouble.

Our simple cash flow forecast template can help you create a forecast for your business.

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Business Plan

Every business should have a plan, a summary of your ideas and goals for your business, an explanation of how you’re going to get there and a guide on the timeframe and budget you have to get it done.

It doesn’t need to be complicated and over-detailed and you can start off with a one-page business plan and build on it as you go. It should be a living document, which evolves as the business evolves.

Think of your business plan as a roadmap. It’s there to guide you on your journey and give you directions on what to do next.

It will help you identify milestones on your business growth path and help you look back on your original ideas and goals.

Your business plan will also help others understand your vision and assist in obtaining funding from outside sources or people not directly involved in your business.